Canada Student Visa Process From Nepal

Canada is one of the most developed countries of the world. Because of the excellent quality of the education facility in Canada, many of the Nepalese students choose Canada for their higher education. But before applying visa from Nepal, many of the students do not do the proper processing and not consider the things that we should know before applying for the study in Canada student visa. And therefore, we neglect the minor thing while going through visa application process and therefore we get panicked afterwards. Here, we will discuss about the step by step process to consider to apply for a student visa to study in Canada from Nepal.

Canada student visa

Student Visa For Canada From Nepal

The very first step we do before applying for the Canada student visa from Nepal is to choose the best Canadian educational consultancy in Nepal which understands the student visa requirements and has a good record on getting study visa permit. Then we do the preferred English courses like IELTS, PTE, GRE, TOEFL, etc. After we secure proper marks in the certain course as per the requirement from the university or the college, we continue further processing.

Student Visa For Canada From Nepal

We need to show our bank balance in such a way that we can care about ourselves and have a proper living in Canada even if we do not get any jobs. Then we make our documents ready and must apply for a student visa. For applying the student visa in Canada, students need to consult the Canadian embassy for the visa processing. But there is no Canadian embassy in Nepal. Therefore, we send our documents and passports to India visa office for the visa processing as there is the Canadian embassy in India.

What to do after Canada student visa approval?

Once our Canada visa application gets approved from the embassy we need to make the arrangements for the place to stay before we enter Canada. If we do not do so then we will not have any place to go to after we land there. Staying in the hotels is also not practicable because as a student we will not have enough money from the very beginning and also we will not have jobs there. So we should make the arrangements of the apartment or the university hostel or college hostel to live in before we go to Canada in order to not face any kind of problems and difficulties.

Canada student visa approval

Before going to the Canada, we need to know that it is the country located in the northern hemisphere and the climatic condition is very cold. If we cannot resist the cold here in Nepal, then it would be very difficult for us to adapt ourselves in the climatic condition there.

The environment and the nature of the people in Canada are very welcoming and we can find ourselves very attached to the Canadian people because of their loving and caring nature. Moreover, Canada is the country full of adventures and the natural beauty. So, we can enjoy our time in Canada in visiting beautiful places in our vacations. We can also do some of the adventurous activities and spend a joyful life there.

Canada has world leading research and development processes. It also has very developed technical facilities. Canada also has the best educational systems in the world where people can develop their theoretical as well as the practical knowledge in their chosen field. Canada has two main languages spoken. They are English and French language. Hence we can develop our language skills on various languages while our study in Canada.

The health facility in Canada is one of the best health facilities in the world. So we do not need to worry about the proper health checkup and treatment. They also have health insurance facility for the citizens and the international students too which help the students to manage their expenses and save more. Canada has the best environment for the people to live in and is free of pollutions.

The various differences in the land structure and the climatic conditions respectively enhances in the adventures and travelling experiences of the people. The northern territories experience cold throughout the year. As the area of Canada is very large and the development process happens continuously, people have higher rate of the job facilities in different construction areas too. People can experience the safe and welcoming environment of Canada and the Canadian people after they reach and live with high standard of living.

Is Studying in Canada affordable?

Studying in Canada is much more affordable than in the other developed countries of the world. However, some of us may not know about the scholarships facilities provided by the Canadian universities and Canadian colleges. There are many such colleges and universities in Canada which are providing the scholarship facilities and schemes to the Nepali or other international students because of which students can minimize their expenditure accordingly.

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Business Management, Cyber security, Petroleum Engineering, Engineering, Information Technology, Health and Medicine, Interior Designing, Media and Journalism and Law and Justice are the major courses that we can choose to study in Canada. According to this, we can conclude that we have variety of fields to continue our higher studies in Canada. The Canadian university or the Canadian college graduation is universally recognized and universally accepted and renowned graduation.

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Before going to Canada

In a nutshell, we can list out the following things to consider before applying for Canadian student visa or before going to Canada:

  • We must do English classes like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc from the Best Education consultancies.
  • We must understand Student visa process and fill the visa application form without errors. ICCC will help you with the student visa application.
  • We must secure good marks in the English classes test and also in our academic examination results.
  • We must have certain amount of money in our bank account in order to show that we can look after ourselves even if we do not get any jobs there.
  • We must have proper and original documents with us. The fake documents are taken illegal.
  • We must make our arrangements about the place to stay after we reach to Canada beforehand.
  • We must be able to speak English language very fluently because the main languages spoken in Canada are English and French. Learning French is time consuming and difficult so English is the only language for the Nepalese people to communicate with other people in Canada.

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