Best Consultancy to Study in Canada from Nepal

International Career Counseling (ICCC) is the best consultancy to study in Canada from Nepal. ICCC has made unique recognition among Nepalese students seeking to study in Canada.

Since its inception in 2014, we have been consulting students for higher education in Canada and assisting them to get initially settled in Canada after a visa.

best consultancy to study in Canada from Nepal

Thus, ICCC is known now as a consultancy that only provides consulting services for study in Canada. Our Committed Team Members have core values to provide genuine counselling and support to students.

Choosing the right consultant or mentor to aid anyone intending to pursue education abroad can have a significant impact on their overall experience and expertise, leading them to conquer their achievements despite a great deal of hassle from the initial to the final stages of the application process. Navigating the study abroad alternatives is overwhelming, and aspirants stipulate to have a consultant who can simplify the complex application process, taking a lot of strain on the shoulders to ensure the success one acutely intends at achieving the propitious academic and professional triumph. 

The consultants must possess in-depth knowledge of all applications, prerequisites, and programs and should be able to offer personalized advice, optimize choices, provide realistic assurance, and so on. The tremendous swing has lately been witnessed in reference to pursuing globally accredited education at the top-tier Canadian education institutions. Above all, a large number of Nepalese students have set their sights on the exceptional Canadian institutions for their global acknowledgement, industry-centered education, profound research-based programs, diversity, inclusivity, and opportunity for global networking, making it the unbeatable and irreplaceable landing nation for study. 

Furthermore, dreaming up landing in a country as an international student is a substantial decision as it involves investing time, energy, financial means, and the anticipation of the family and loved ones. Thus, stepping into such an extensive dream deserves unexcelled guidance and support from the genius in the field, and anyone contemplating making Canada a “second home” should weigh up oceans of aspects while designating the consultant. In order to quench every unparalleled education seeker’s unsettled mind, this article would undeniably be the ideal benchmark to scrutinize the parameters to designate the most expert, trusted, accountable, professional, and upright consultant.

What makes ICCC the best consultancy for study in Canada?

ICCC is the oldest consultancy with the unique goodwill of helping more than 1000 students in seeking their academic careers in Canada. They have a team of experienced counselors, Document reviewers, and Educational Advisors.

Best consultancy for study in Canada

The International Career Counseling Centre (ICCC) is the best consultancy in Nepal for Canada, as it possesses the professional and ethical traits given below:

Service offered with the specialization

ICCC has been a sole and forefront player in the Canadian education domain for a decade, and since its emergence in 2014, all expertise, time, and knowledge have been devoted to elevating educational standards and partaking in the aspirations of hundreds of Nepalese students at a wide array of Canadian educational institutions and programs. ICCC has never turned its head to other well-received counterpart countries such as the USA, the UK, Australia, or Europe, and the sole motive to aid Nepalese students pursue an unexcelled education in Canada has stood tall, long, and firm. Furthermore, it is also the responsibility of the student to make sure the specialty of the designated consultant and if anyone has set their sights on being a part of global education in Canada, ICCC has proven itself invincible and irreplaceable in Nepal. 

Additionally, ICCC has maintained a direct alliance with a number of unprecedented Canadian institutions across Canada, encompassing all major cities and regions, which could help aspirants have a variety of options to choose from as to programs, locations, and so on. The affiliation with over 60 Canadian institutions is the unmatchable edge that anyone can provide in the sphere of Canadian education as a consultant in Nepal. Having a multitude of choices for the selection of programs and locations is the first stepping stone to a great dream.

ICCC to study in Canada from Nepal

Over and above, ICCC’s service is not limited to study permit applications but also extends its peerless services in other visa streams such as Spousal Open Work Permit (SOWP), Visior, Tourist, or Business, Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), study, and all other visa extensions, along with all sorts of direct PR applications to its clients. Thus, ICCC is an irrefutable one-stop solution for Canada. 

Impeccable Record

ICCC possesses one of the strongest records for a number of good reasons, such as successful visa application, transparency, integrity, professionalism, accountability, prompt responsiveness, recommendations, and testimonials. These records and reliability would not have been possible to achieve without the hard work, dedication, and commitment laid out by the ICCC over the years. The record breaking number of successful stories roars how masterly ICCC looks after its clients application documents regardless of what visa category they apply for. All these achievements took years to master and undergo meticulous scrutiny and customized services so the narratives of success could be written or told. 

Direct Tie-Up with the RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant)

This term could, to some extent, be overwhelming, however, anyone intending to make Canada “Second Home”, must be familiarized with this term “RCIC”. A professional with the RCIC license is the authorized immigration and citizenship representative who can act on the behalf of foreign nationals to advise on the possible options, submit an application, and communicate with the government of Canada on behalf of the client. Therefore, having an opportunity to let handle overall application process with the consultant that has an authorized representative is the first step towards making further application hassle free, and less anxious as the RCIC can offer the best and countless options to ultimately wrap up any sorts of visa streams with the permanent residency. 

More significantly, the RCIC at the ICCC, Mrs. Kriti Khanal’s upbringing in Canada, and her resolute nature toward assisting every Canadian dreamer in Canada make their transition smooth and convenient. In addition, initiating all types of applications with the ICCC always has an extra advantage for the future and long-term settlement in Canada, as the ICCC will not have to dig deeper to find out and make relevant any documents submitted before and for the future application. 

Ethical Practices and Cost Value

ICCC firmly adheres to the confidentiality of every client and makes sure they are bound by the organization’s policies. It is not solely driven by its own interests and gains rather offers full respect and guidance on the basis of the client’s interests and short- and long-term objectives. With the exception of this, the service charges at the ICCC are relatively inexpensive with respect to their excellent services. And entrusting the ICCC provides comprehensive and unparalleled services that can potentially save time, money, and stress throughout the application process or even after the application is approved.

In view of these unyielding factors while opting for an education consultant, International Career Counseling Centre (ICCC), with a decade-long service in the field, stands peerless. Representing yourself as an expert consultant is one aspect; however, validating it through more unwavering facts and records is another, and ICCC is definitely the one that can redirect and rewrite the destiny of every aspirant in the best possible manner. So, choosing the ICCC will never prove to be the wrong decision; rather, it will become the decisive mentor in the Canadian venture. 

ICCC has earned Goodwill and unique Brand recognition

International Career Counseling Center ( ICCC) has earned its unique goodwill by helping 1000 students to achieve their dream of studying in Canadian Universities and Colleges. Moreover, ICCC’s long history in supporting students, its Team of Experts and Experienced Academic Advisors, and Its office in Toronto are all elements that have supported in making the unique brand of ICCC.

ICCC team to Study in Canada from Nepal

This organization believes that we should reflect on our efficiency and reliability through our service and solid help to our students. We aim to mark Kamaladi as a student’s Hub. Therefore, This element also adds value to declare us as the best consultancy for study in Canada.

Our Successful Stories

You can check our ICCC Gallery for photos of our students. We have 5-star reviews on ICCC Google Maps and ICCC Facebook Page. It shows how much we care for our students.

See you at International Career Counselling Centre.

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