Best Consultancy to Study in Canada from Nepal

International Career Counseling (ICCC) is the best consultancy to study in Canada from Nepal. ICCC has made unique recognition among Nepalese students seeking to study in Canada.

Since its inception 2014, we have been not only consulting students for higher education in Canada but also assist them to get initially settled in Canada after visa.

best consultancy to study in Canada from Nepal

Thus, ICCC is known now as a consultancy that only provides consulting services for study in Canada. Our Committed Team Members have core values to provide genuine counselling and support to students and Partner’s trust are guiding pillars of ICCC. We look forward to welcome you here at ICCC.

Are you one of the many students who search the term ‘ the best consultancy for study in Canada in Nepal’ in search engine platforms? Then, this article can be the best answer to your crucial research in selecting the right or best consultancy for study in Canada in Nepal.

There are mushrooms consultancy in Kathmandu and claim to be the best consultancy for Canada in Nepal. However, students may get confused about the competitions of Consultancies. In this regard, we, ICCC Educational Consultancy also justify this statement for the following reasons. We leave up to students to make out the decision on this matter.


What makes ICCC the best consultancy for study in Canada?

ICCC is an oldest consultancy with unique goodwill of helping above 1000 students in seeking their academic career in Canada. They have a team of experienced counselors, Documents reviewers, Educational Advisors. It is situated in heart of Kathmandu – Kamaladi.

Therefore, The name is well-known in the Consultancy market. In addition to this, our expert’s team, connections with reputed universities and Colleges in Canada, and our continuous efforts in updating our staffs and counselors about changes of rules and regulations for study in Canada, all these competencies give rise to ICCC as the best consultancy for study in Canada.

ICCC has its earned Goodwill and unique Brand recognition

International Career Counseling Center ( ICCC) has earned its unique goodwill by helping 1000 of students to achieve their dream to study in Canadian Universities and Colleges. Moreover, ICCC’s long history in supporting students, Team of Experts and Experienced Academic Advisors, Its office in Toronto all these have elements have supported in making unique brand of ICCC.

best consultancy for students

This organization believes that we should reflect on our efficiency and reliability through our service and solid help to our students. We aim to mark Kamaladi as a student’s Hub. Therefore, This element also adds value to declare us as the best consultancy for study in Canada.

Therefore, contact us right now.
International Career Counselling Centre
NP 01-4428493, CA +14372884084 (Viber)
Mobile: 9841167449, 9823191041

Our Successful Stories

ICCC has a good success in history. You can check our ICCC Gallery for photos of our students. We have 5-star reviews on ICCC Google Maps and ICCC Facebook Page. It shows how much we care for our students.

See you at ICCC Kamaladi.

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