PTE for Canada

You have come to the right place for those seeking to know about PTE for Canada. We know the Canadian immigration process requires submitting the English language proficiency test scores. The individual must be well versed in English to migrate to Canada. So the candidates are made to take relevant exams like IELTS or PTE.

PTE test, the Pearson Test of English, is a computer-based test taken by multiple universities to prove an individual’s English proficiency so they can enrol in the University of Canada.

The PTE exam contains four major segments: Listening, Writing, Speaking, and Reading. There are around 290 PTE test centres spread across over 50 countries worldwide. You might wonder if Canada accepts PTE for student visas; let me help you with this. In Canada, around 90% of universities use PTE test scores, and PTE is valid for Canadian study visas. For more related topics, keep reading this article.

PTE for Canada

PTE for Canada and Student Visa

As we mentioned earlier, the PTE score is valid in Canada and is widely accepted around Canadian universities. It is required for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate programs and PG programs.

Since it is a score to count the English language proficiency test score to get hold of a student visa, so it is uncertain among universities. Different universities have set their minimum PTE score to accept applicants.

However, the 58-73 PTE score is usually an average score accepted by most Canadian universities. So it would be fair to say PTE for Canada ranges from 58 to 73.

Canadian Universities with Minimum PTE Academic Score

Talking about Canadian universities, the University of Alberta accepts PTE scores ranging from 61 to 68, Simon Fraser University accepts PTE scores from 61-65, and the University of Calgary accepts a minimum of 59 PTE scores.

Moreover, the University of British Columbia takes applicants with a PTE score of 65-72, and McMaster University takes PTE scores of 60 and above. Dalhousie University‘s minimum PTE score is 61-65, Concordia University‘s minimum PTE score is 57-61, and York University‘s minimum PTE score is 60-65.

PTE for Canada

PTE Exam Preparation and Tips

Individuals seeking to perform excellently in their PTE academic Exam must follow a proper guide to achieve a good PTE for Canada. The student or individual can prepare online or with preparation material at home.

You should first join a PTE coaching centre for your PTE preparation. You can also go online, which includes studying and coaching class methods. You can also consult with a nearby consultancy for further discussion.

If you seek good consultancy in Kathmandu for PTE for Canada and a test guide, then I say you have come to the best place. We, the International Career Counselling Centre, are here to help and guide you for your future. We have helped many students study in Canada through different tests. We are located in the heart of Kathmandu – ICCC Kamaladi and ICCC Putalisadak.

IELTS requirement for Canadian student visa

Tips for preparation of PTE for Canada

  • Take lots of practice tests
  • Know what you’re getting into
  • plan ahead
  • Don’t ignore the other subject
  • Learn question better
  • minimize error with repetition
  • plan on taking the exam twice

The PTE test is not only accepted by Canadian universities but also by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. In addition, the Canadian Language Benchmark has set some ground scores of PTE for Canada and for individuals to immigrate to the country through the PTE test.

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