How to Apply for Canada from Nepal?

Canada is the country with best quality of education and other facilities. This is the reason why many young Nepalese students wish to continue their higher education in the country like Canada. Are you planning to apply for Canada from Nepal? Some of them try to apply the Canada student visa themselves without contacting any consultancies without having any idea and knowledge about the application process.

As we can see that many students applying for the student visa do not submit the complete documents and get rejected. So, here we will discuss about the requirements to study in Canada from Nepal. We need to apply visa for Canada. There is no Embassy of Canada in Nepal. So, we need to process through the nearest embassy.

Apply for Canada from Nepal

Documents Needed to Apply for Canada from Nepal

The following are the major requirements to apply for Canada from Nepal so that students can apply for a visa and study in Canada from Nepal.

Documents Needed to Apply for Canada from Nepal

English Proficiency Test

There are many types of English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, PTE, etc. If we are willing to continue our further studies in Canada like developed countries then English Proficiency classes is must. If we do these courses properly then we can speak fluently with the people in Canada which makes us much easier to live there.

But if we do not do the English proficiency classes and get the minimum grade required only for the visa processing and not continue in our real life practice then it will be very difficult for us in communicating with the Canadian people which makes our life very difficult. So, English proficiency classes and tests is very important for every students going to Canada for further studies not only for the colleges and universities but also for them to cope up in the new environment.

IELTS Score Required For Canada

Minimum Bank Amount

The second requirement is the minimum bank account. This is required in order to prove that we can live and take care of ourselves even if we do not have any jobs. The Canadian currency is much bigger than the Nepalese currency. If we get our student visa to Canada we must do some jobs there because sending money from Nepal is not practical as it requires a huge amount of money.

So we must have a minimum bank balance such that we can prove that if we will not have any source of earning or any source of income then also we can take care of ourselves until we find another job.

We can see that many of the students applying for Canada get rejected because of use of the fake and improper documents during application processing. Such documents are strictly prohibited and illegal. The use of fake documents may block our path to any of the foreign countries. So we must use real and proper documents for studying in the foreign countries like Canada.

Medical test reports

Some of the specified medical tests should be done in the renowned hospitals in order to show that we are not suffering from any of the vital diseases which may harmour stay during our study in Canada. If we are the patient of any diseases then we may have our arrangements accordingly.

Family information

Family information is also a must for study in Canada from Nepal. It is important to know about our family members and to know about our family background. If we involve in any of the criminal activities during our stay in Canada then our family will be informed about the crime we did there. It is also required to know about the nature of the family and how we are raised up.

Criminal records

They also need a report of our criminal records. If we are involved in any of the criminal activities in the past then we may not be accepted for the study in Canada. We must have clear criminal records in order to get our student visa easily.

Previous academic documents

Our previous academic reports are the most vital requirement for study in Canada. It is required in order to get our admissions in the colleges or the universities according to our previous qualifications. The academic reports are then made equivalent to the level of study in Canada according to the educational systemin Canada. Then we can continue our study from the certain level. Learn more about Scholarship for Nepalese Student in Canada.

Documents needed for Canada

The applicant student should provide an acceptance letter from the university or the college as well as the related legal and proper financial documents. The documents must show the transactions made in the last few months and a minimum balance in the bank account such that we can prove that we can take care of ourselves even though we do not have any jobs or any other earning sources.

The Nepalese students can easily get an international student visa to study in Canada. However, the Canada student visa processing will require some additional paperwork, different English courses and related exams, proof of insurance, health insurance, flight fees, housing, and books and minimum bank balance.

But once the application is approved, one can start the application process for the Canadian student visa. If we are accepted by the Canadian university, we can gather the necessary documents and apply for the visa. We should make sure to include the letter of acceptance from the college or the university in our application processing documents. Once we complete the application process, the next step is to apply for our study permit or the student visa.

Government of Canada regularly invites the best students from around the world to study in Canada. It also takes care of training of the concerned and eligible students with the necessary knowledge and skills to cope up with and succeed in the Canadian educational system. Moreover, they will be treated with respect and courtesy that nobody will find in any other universities in the whole world. Once we get the student visa to Canada, it is valid for up to five years.

study in canada from nepal

So, these are the main requirements for the students to study in Canada from Nepal. If we do not meet any of the above mentioned requirements then we may not be eligible for the candidate to study in Canada from Nepal and may not get the student visaand may not even get our admission in the concerned college or the university.

It is always best to take consultation from Canada visa experts who guides students to apply Canada study visa. Canada visa application process is a bit lengthy but still if you miss proper guidelines it may take longer. ICCC is the best consultancy in Nepal for Canada.

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