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Olds College of Agriculture and Technology originated in 1913 as an initiatory institution in the world of agriculture, horticulture, and environmental stewardship. Located in Olds, Alberta, Canada, the college has, as its proud achievement, the title Canada’s Smart Agriculture College: it modernises and puts into practice programmes that are highly practical. This paper will address various aspects of this college, such as major research colleges, large campus size, high rate of employment, broad range of programmes, admission criteria, and scope for scholarships, to give a brief overview of what makes Olds College one of the best in agricultural education.

Study in Olds college from Nepal

Major Research College

Olds College is counted among the top ten research colleges in Canada, which speaks of some really innovative and excellent work within this field. Also, the research programmes cut across every faculty and are absorbed as a key factor in pushing for the development of agriculture, and more so, environmentally sustainable techniques and technology. The research is not an end in itself, but by combining it with education, students will learn the latest knowledge not only at the theoretical level but also have an opportunity for its practical applications.

Large Campus

The Olds College campus spreads across 3,600 acres, including smart farms, botanical gardens, and wetlands. Combined, these elements of space create a distinctive learning environment for students. Smart farms, for instance, allow for the integration of hi-tech agricultural technologies; thus, they offer students experience with practical applications of the latest innovations in the field. Botanical gardens and wetlands represent living laboratories for plant and water management, through which students acquire an enhanced understanding of environmental stewardship.

High Rate of Employment

On a similar note, one of the features that makes Olds College standout is the high rate of employment. Approximately 95% of its graduates easily land placements in their career field right after graduation. This improved rate is derived from the high education practice-oriented learning focused on by the college through its strong industry links in agriculture. Plans, therefore, are based on the requirements and recommendations from the industry, which are a guarantee to job obtainment at the end.

Academic Programs

Olds College offers programmes for local as well as international students. It provides certificates, diplomas, and degree programmes. All the above fields of education help in ensuring imparting comprehensive and practical knowledge.

Hospitality & Tourism Certificate

A one-year programme, which is only available in on-campus and online delivery, brings together teaching in front office operations, guest services, menu planning, food preparation, and marketing. There is a work-integrated learning component unique to the programme which requires students to have completed 600 hours of paid industry experience.

Hospitality & Tourism Management Post-Diploma Certificate

Building on prior certificate studies, this one-year course provides further advanced training in IN management skills, front office operations, and marketing, also requiring 600 hours of paid industry experience.

Business Management Diploma

Offered in both Edmonton and Olds cohorts, this is a two-year diploma that introduces students to the processes and operations of a business within a Canadian-focused context. The Edmonton cohort courses are available during the evenings, with the Olds cohort being on campus. This program has a focus on applied learning and mentorship from business owners.

Land & Water Resources Diploma

This is a management-based two-year programme for the land and its associated soil, plant, and water resources, including specializations in Land Reclamation & Remediation, Environmental Stewardship, and Rural Planning, delivered on campus to give the benefit of learning to be performed in real-world environments.

Over Four Years students will strategize and hone the basics of their skills that will enable them to step into positions of leadership in the agri-food industry. Delivery is there in class, project-based, and a four-month industry internship, for a minimum of 400 hours, to ensure all students gain a complete practical experience.

Admission Requirements

  • These may vary by specific programmes but often includes:
  • English Language Arts is a minimum of 50-60%.
  • Math must be 50-60%.
  • Specific Programmes ditto, with 50 to 60% in Chemistry and Biology.
  • Some programmes will have an automatic entrance requirement.
  • Test scores for proficiency in the English language, and the accepted tests are Duolingo, TOEFL, IELTS, CAEL, and PTE
OLDS college study in Canada from Nepal


Olds College offers the following bursaries to support its students financially:

International Entrance Awards

    International students who wish to attend this school will seek entrance awards that range from $1,000 to $3,000. The deadline for application is May 1, 2024.

    Current Student Scholarships

    There is a range of scholarships available for current students, most of which are gifted based on their academic performance either individually or in combination.

    Olds College of Agriculture and Technology is a lively place for academic studies next to experiential learning. Consistent large research programmes, a broad modern equipment campus, and high employment rates are very appealing factors to students who have interests in this particular area of agriculture. Diverse academic offerings coupled with comprehensive support, including scholarships, further reiterate Olds College’s place as the standard-bearer in modern agricultural education.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Who is the Authorised agent of Olds College?

      International Career Counselling Centre Pvt. Ltd., also known as ICCC.

      Is Olds College a public or private college?

      Olds College is a public post-secondary higher education institution in Olds, Alberta. The institution was formerly known as the Olds Agricultural College. Olds College is a member of the esteemed Alberta Rural Development Network.

      Where is the college located at?

      The college is located in Olds, Alberta, a scenic small town surrounded by wide open prairies with beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains to the west. Calgary is less than an hour to the south and Red Deer is just 40 minutes north.

      Does the college offer PGWP?

      Olds College is a Designated Learning Institute. We offer programs that are eligible to be considered for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program.

      What is the total cost to study in Olds College for international students?

      The average tuition fee at Olds College is USD 4,460. International students can apply for the Alberta Scholarship & Bursary Program. The institution offers accessible counselling services and other learning support. The Calgary Campus is an alliance of the Calgary Stampede Board.

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