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Are you a Pokhara resident looking for the best Consultancy in Pokhara? Then this blog is for you. Here I have mentioned the best Consultancy in Pokhara you can find in Pokhara so you can get better counselling for your further studies in Canada.

Choosing a trustable consultancy might be unclear since numerous consultancies in Nepal claim to be the best ones. But don’t worry, I will present facts and reviews by several students, which will clear all your doubts regarding the best Consultancy in Pokhara.

Since you are looking for better counselling in Pokhara, I want you to check the International Career Counselling Centre (ICCC) Consultancy in Pokhara. Thousands of students choose ICCC and get their dream university in Canada along with other facilities such as Visa counselling, documentation, reviewing SOPs, and preparing complete visa applications. ICCC gives full priority to each individual who comes to the consultancy for counselling. Keep reading this article to know more about the best Consultancy in Pokhara.

consultancy in Pokhara

Why choose International Career Counselling Centre (ICCC) Consultancy in Pokhara?

You might be wondering why ICCC and not other consultancies for Canada. Matter of fact, ICCC has proven its worth in counselling and providing many other facilities such as visa processing, after-arrival arrangements, and test preparation classes. Moreover, since its inception in 2014, ICCC hasn’t missed any chances to reflect its efficiency and reliability through service and solid help to our students.

ICCC has been helping thousands of students for over six years with a team of experts and experienced academic advisors. Now we are here to provide different services to the students in Pokhara with a team of experienced staff and counsellors.

ICCC is associated with several colleges and universities so students can achieve their dream of studying at Canadian Universities and Colleges. Furthermore, its office is in Toronto, which justifies the unique goodwill it has earned. ICCC not only helps students with higher education but also assists them in getting initially settled in Canada after a visa.

consultancy in Pokhara

ICCC and its branches

We aimed to mark Kamaladi as a student hub on Floor 3, Red House. Its branch office is in Putalisadak, on the Third Floor of Putalihubb, Bag Bazar Sadak. And now, we are open to the people of Chitwan with the aim of greater counselling and facilities. ICCC is located at Lions Chowk, Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal.

International Career Counselling Centre ( ICCC ) – Chitwan

Lions Chowk, Bharatpur
Chitwan, Nepal
P: 056-590039

Reviews of ICCC and Our success stories

Not to mention that ICCC has 5-stars on ICCC Google Maps and ICCC Facebook Page. In addition, we have a different section called student gallery on our official websites, where you can find several students sharing their views on ICCC.

Furthermore, ICCC has over eight thousand followers and likes on its Facebook page and thousands of followers on other social platforms.

You can check the Facebook review section, where several people have given their opinion on ICCC. One wrote, “It been my greatest pleasure working with such a magnificent team who is held with so much enthusiasm and sprightliness. I am delighted by their effort throughout the documentation and processing period of all the students with much dignity as anyone else wouldn’t have.”

She added, “A journey to Canada, by far, is the best place to land if you are seeking studies in CANADA. Their quality service is definitely what you would be impressed with.

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