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Are you a Chitwan resident and seeking the best consultancy in Chitwan? Then I say you have come to the right place. This blog is for you to know about the best consultancy you can find in Chitwan for your future counseling and many more.

Since there are several consultancies, finding which one is best for you and whom you can trust might be confusing. I am here to clear all your doubts by providing reviews from the students and facts about the best consultancy in Chitwan for Canada.

I recommend you check the International Career Counselling Centre consultancy in Chitwan to study Canadian Nepalese Students. ICCC provides every little service you need to fly abroad for your future study. ICCC has a team of experts who will guide you through all your problems by providing greater counseling with years of experience in Visa counseling, documentation, reviewing SOPs, and preparing complete visa applications for Canada. Keep reading this article to know about the best consultancy in Chitwan.

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Top Educational Consultancy for Canada in Chitwan, Nepal

ICCC is one of the best educational consultancies in Nepal. Our branches have expanded out of the valley, and now we provide counseling in Chitwan. ICCC has proved its worth in providing the best career counseling, visa processing, after-arrival arrangements, and test preparation classes. ICCC has been consulting students since its inception in 2014 for higher education.

International Career Counselling Center has helped thousands of Nepalese students to achieve their dream university and has earned its unique goodwill. So we have expanded our branch to Chitwan to provide a better guide for students outside the valley. In addition, ICCC has its office in Toronto and has partnered with many colleges and Universities in Canada.

consultancy in Canada

In addition, We are one of the most popular educational consultancies in the country throughout the process of student visa application. We are located in the heart of Kathmandu – ICCC Kamaladi and ICCC Putalisadak. And it’s good news for students living in Chitwan and people from around that city; now, students don’t have to come to Kathmandu to get counseling. You can apply for intake from Chitwan without any hindrance.

ICCC consultancy in Chitwan, Nepal.

ICCC has opened its branch consultancy in Chitwan. Now you can visit ICCC in Chitwan, get counseling from the best team experts, and apply for your dream university. Its branch is in Lions Chowk, Bharatpur. You can contact us at phone no: 056-590039.


International Career Counselling Centre ( ICCC ) – Chitwan

Lions Chowk, Bharatpur
Chitwan, Nepal
P: 056-590039


ICCC reviews

You can see that ICCC now has 5-stars on ICCC Google Maps and ICCC Facebook Page. You can also check the student gallery, where several students have shared their views on ICCC. They have thanked ICCC for proper guidance and help to find their dream university.

Over eight thousand people have followed us on the ICCC Facebook page, and we have thousands of followers on our other social platforms.

About ICCC, one wrote on Facebook, “It is one of the best consultancies, and the counselor over there is always helpful no matter what time it is. They will always respond to you timely. I highly recommend ICCC tor to anyone wishing to apply to Canada.”

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