Why do Nepalese students go for abroad studies?

As we know, Nepalese Students are more attracted to studying in foreign countries rather than in their homeland for their higher education. Students seek this opportunity since foreign universities provide quality education and allow them to earn while working for around 20 to 25 hours through a part-time job. Among all countries, Nepalese students are mostly attracted to developed nations such as Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, and the USA.

Although students might need to face financial and other obstacles, Nepalese students are always ready to fly to foreign countries for a secure future. For those seeking better reasons why Nepalese students go for studies abroad, keep reading these articles.


Nepalese Students


Earn while studying

We all know that money is the primary requirement of today’s world. However, there are not many job opportunities available in Nepal. And most students face financial crises while studying in Nepal. Also, not everyone has a good financial condition to continue studying without financial stress. But, on the other hand, you can earn handsome money while studying at a foreign university.

Furthermore, foreign currency has more value when converted into Nepalese currency. Therefore, Nepalese students can earn a living and also pay for their education if necessary while studying. Not only these but several Nepalese students are also seen sending money back to their homeland, which they earned through a part-time job.


Valid Certificate

Not to mention that a Foreign university provides a valid certificate with the latest syllabus content. However, in Nepal, syllabus content is not yet updated as the abroad university, which is why it did not help to expand our practical knowledge rather than focus on theoretical knowledge. Also, many senior students have mentioned that their foreign certificate has helped them more than their Nepali certificate. Therefore, the Indian certificates have more merits than Nepali education certificates. There are also varieties of courses and subjects which help us to pursue our dream.


Nepalese Students

Quality Education

This is why thousands of Nepalese students fly to foreign land every year. Foreign universities provide various fields and courses with quality content, both theoretical and practical. But, as we all know, education in Nepal is not as qualitative as in foreign countries, and syllabi are outdated yet not updated. Similarly, teachers who teach in big colleges and universities are quite old and not familiar with the modern way of teaching, which is why our education lacks better and quality education.

Scholarship Opportunities

Moreover, foreign universities provide a wide range of scholarship opportunities for international students and quality education. They provide more opportunities for scholarships to Nepalese Students than our country itself. Many countries even provide free education if we can learn their native language. Those countries also pay you some money if you have good grades. However, the cost of universities is comparatively higher than in our country.

Better employment opportunities

Our government lack of paying according to the qualification. Nepalese skilled or unskilled students do not get paid according to their qualifications. It would be fair to say that Nepalese student thinks it is better to go abroad, which gives a higher salary and wages, quality education, and a secured future.

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