Scholarship for Nepalese Students for Bachelor

There is no doubt for Nepalese Students that Canada is considered one of the best countries to apply for higher education since it provides a wide range of facilities for its national and international students. In addition, Canadian universities provide cross-disciplinary study and great facilities, so it has become a growing hub for international students.

Moreover, the universities in Canada are ranked quite high and have affordable tuition fees. One of the best features of Canadian universities is that they provide a wide range of scholarships for Nepalese Students. Many post-secondary institutions in Canada are willing to provide various scholarship awards and grants.

These scholarships are mainly provided to International students so they can be attracted to the university of Canada. To know more about Scholarships, keep reading this article.


Nepalese Students

Scholarships in Canada for Nepalese Students

There is no doubt that thousands of Nepalese Students are studying in Canada with Scholarships. Canadian universities are happy to give grants and scholarships to international students, especially those with strong academic scores. Here is a list of

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Ontario Graduate Scholarship

This Scholarship helps Nepalese students fund their studies in a participating Canadian post-secondary institution. First, the students must accept their offer and obtain a visa permit. This will allow them to get an award value of up to $15000 for one academic year.

Global Affairs International scholarships opportunities for Non-Canadians

Global Affairs Canada offers this Scholarship depending on the duration and level of study, and it ranges up to $14,700.

Nepalese Students

University of Canada West

This university provides scholarships for their international students according to their eligibility. For example, students with around 3.39 CGPA get the award of CAD 8000, CGA ranging from 3.4 to 3.69 gets around CAD 12000, and CGPA above 3.7 gets CAD up to 16000.

Acsenda School of Management

The students must hold strong academic scores and win this Scholarship from Academic competitive scores—the award range from CAD 10,000 for Nepalese Students. The minimum eligibility required to get this Scholarship is 60% and above per cent in the entire period of course durations.

Toronto School of Management

This school provide Scholarship up to CAD 7000 from the Competitive Academic scores. However, it would help if you met the term of this college, which is to maintain the Academic Scholarship throughout the course duration.

Centennial College

The international seeking to get a scholarship can apply for Centennial college, which is ready to award you up to CAD 2500 based on academic scores. However, you need to have completed two consecutive semesters.

Brock University

It is a renowned university in Canada that offers up to $4000 to $16000 for students with academic scores above 80%. This Scholarship’s main term is given to students entering their first year in the UG program.

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