Studying in Canada as an International Student

The idea of pursuing further education in distant lands has always been an overwhelming and exhilarating experience. If we reverse the history of studying abroad, it dates back to ancient times, when a number of prominent scholars and philosophers successfully attracted students from various parts of the world to assimilate a sea of knowledge under their tutelage. As multitudinous centuries passed by and a myriad of people attended monastic schools and other forms of institutions, a tremendous mobility of students and scholars was exceedingly beheld as they strived to procure knowledge from different cultural premises.

The notion of relocating in pursuit of education gained momentum about two hundred years ago when formal educational establishments began setting up to enable students to experience different cultures, gain knowledge, and interact with one another. We are now transfigured from local to global citizens, and the advent of globalization has brought everything within reach, including education, numerous educational institutions across the world have dedicated international education departments to facilitate cosmopolitan students and welcome them to such a scholastic global arena.

Studying in Canada from Nepal

In the context of Nepal, a great number of Nepalese students have clearly manifested their unwavering willingness to pursue an excellent education at globally accredited educational institutions, and these aspirants have quite a few alternatives to choose from, such as the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and others.

However, among these options, Canada has distinctly been plumped to pursue unexcelled education, develop personal and professional skills, foster intercultural understanding, and wave global networks to stand out in such a fierce job market or entrepreneurship sphere.

Study in Canada from Nepal seminar

Why study at Canadian university

Among the wide array of alternatives available to all Nepalese students, choosing to study in Canada has been proven to be the best decision here and now. Aspirants have an incomparable opportunity to pursue their chosen field of study at different levels, such as diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, postgraduate certificates, and master’s degrees, and a handful of students intend to embark on their Ph.D.

A large portion of Nepalese students at Canadian universities and colleges are high school graduates, and nearly the same number of students pursue skilled-oriented, industry-relevant programs for postgraduate certificates. In contrast to diplomas and postgraduate certificates and degrees, only an insignificant number of Nepalese students plan to set off on a bachelor, master, or higher degree, particularly accentuated on academics and knowledge.

Nepali students in Canadian university

Best course for study in Canada

To be more specific, the predominant decisive factors behind opting to go for diplomas and postgraduate certificates over other academic credentials are such things as the average processing time for a Letter of Acceptance, exceptions may imply, a variety of concentrated programs to choose from, flexible learning opportunities, shorter duration, moderate tuition fees, faster job readiness, and it could ultimately lead one to higher education in Canada with ease.

The majority of students heavily possess skepticism over what credentials to opt for, however, everyone has distinct priorities, goals, and support systems, thus it would be wiser to set off accordingly, owing to the fact that studying abroad is a daunting experience, and everyone must be prepared to take on such a journey with a strong mindset, and systematic arrangements.

Study in Canada intakes

Furthermore, Canadian educational institutions have three major academic intakes around the year: September, January, and May, particularly in the public-funded institutions, however, some privately-owned academic institutions may offer flexible admissible intakes. And students must start making up their minds to submit an application to Canadian institutions at least six to nine months in advance for a particular intake to have adequate time for smooth processing and optimize the chances of visa approval.

IELTS requirements to study in Canada

On top of this, to meet the IELTS requirements to study in Canada, students must prepare before proceeding with the application, and the general prerequisite IELTS score is an overall 6.5 with each band consisting of 6.0. In addition, PTE is also accepted by a number of Canadian educational institutions, and the minimum PTE score stipulated by a majority of institutions is 60 overall, with no band below 58.

Upon meeting academic, English proficiency, and financial arrangements for Canada study visa requirements, one can submit the application to the IRCC for an assessment, and it roughly takes about 2-3 months to receive the decision. The application processing time for Canada may vary, and the visa success rate for Canada from Nepal in 2023 has significantly skyrocketed, and it will shoot up provided that the relevance of the chosen program is accompanied by prior academic and work experience, Standard English proficiency, a well-executed SOP, and reliably set out financial means.

Best consultancy for Canada in Nepal

Upon making up a plan to pursue globally accredited education in Canada, every Canadian education aspirant seeks to spot the best consultancy for Canada in Nepal, and International Career Counseling Centre (ICCC) pops up as it is tremendously dedicated to the recruitment of Nepalese students to the Canadian academic institutions since its inception in 2014. To proceed with the applications, everyone is amiably welcome to get genuine and impeccable counseling to set up academic ventures in Canada.

ICCC’s team of experts is dedicated and committed to ensuring every aspirant’s academic journey is the best experience anyone ever had, and ICCC proves it through action.

Having come up with uncertainty about Canadian study visas and a comprehensive understanding in relation to them, ICCC lays its hands on anyone to flawlessly navigate an exceptional educational venture to any level of academic credentials such as diplomas, postgraduate and degrees programs at the unparalleled universities and colleges in Canada, A dream’s actualization begins only with ICCC in Nepal, which is a one-stop service provider to all preeminent Canadian education seekers.

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