Confederation College Career Counselling Session at ICCC

What an insightful academic informative session! ICCC expresses its gratitude to Mr. Krishna Kumar Pai, Recruitment Representative, South Asia-Confederation College, for taking his valuable time out and coming to share insights on a number of concerns, such as the availability of programs, eligibility criteria, intakes, potential professional careers with Confederation’s skill-oriented programs, and so on.

Furthermore, the impact of his visit is anticipated to extend into the future, suggesting that the knowledge and guidance imparted will continue to have a positive influence on those involved, who aspire to pursue further education at Confederation, and overall in Canada.

ICCC firmly believes in the value of his expertise and the lasting effects it has had on both ICCC and the individuals aspiring to join such a respected academic institution.

Embark on your academic venture with the Confederation’s first and most trusted recruiter, ICCC.

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