Academic Informative Session ICCC & Lambton

ICCC expresses its utmost gratitude to have welcomed Mr. Eric Walker, International Marketing, Recruitment and Admission Adviser from Lambton College at its premises.

ICCC is sincerely thankful to Mr. Walker’s invaluable insights on various aspects related to pursuing higher education at Lambton College. His expertise and guidance have undoubtedly benefited our team at ICCC and numerous Canadian education aspirants who have set their sights on such a highly admired academic institution. ICCC is confident that his visit will continue to have a positive impact in the future as well.

ICCC eagerly looks forward to welcoming him again at ICCC, where he can share information about Lambton’s exceptional learning opportunities, programs, requirements, and unique pathways to a deserving success for everyone.

Once again, ICCC extends its heartfelt appreciation for his visit and the knowledge he shared. ICCC as an organization remains excited about the prospect of future collaborations with Lambton College to new heights.

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