Study in Canada after 12th: Best Course Guide for +2 Graduates

Right after the completion of high school, students prefer to get their further education abroad. Among several destinations, Canada is drawing attention towards youngsters due to reputable degrees, better international exposure, quality of life, cultural diversity and a stable future. Canadian Universities and colleges provide a wide range of course options at a very reasonable cost.

Study in Canada after class 12

Students from various backgrounds such as Science, Management, Humanities, and Diplomas are offered wide range of course options with better employment opportunities. Students are offered various degree options such as:

  1. Diploma
  2. Advanced Diploma
  3. Bachelor’s Degree

Canada has 3 different intakes. The major intake is September Intake. The second most preferred Intake is January Intake and the third preferred intake is May Intake. Generally, international students prefer diploma and advanced diploma programs because the tuition fees are reasonable and there is not higher requirement of Academic and English Language proficiency test requirement. Students are attracted to these programs because the courses are short duration and the Co-op opportunities enhances the program. (Co-op program refers to the paid internship which will help students gain an industrial exposure). The general requirements for English Language proficiency test are as follows:

  • IELTS: 6/6
  • PTE: 60/58
  • TOFEL: 80/20
Best IELTS and PTE classes in Nepal

The minimum academic requirement for the diploma and advanced diploma program is a GPA of 2.5.

The popular course options in Canada are listed below:

Diploma in IT 2 years Diploma

  • Computer system Technician (Software and Networking
  • Software Engineering Technician
  • Computer Programming
  • Web Development

Advanced Diploma in IT- 3 years

  • Computer systems technology
  • Software Engineering Technology
  • Computer Programming and Analysis
  • Artificial Engineering- Software Engineering Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • Game Programming
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation

Student with Management Background

2 years Diploma Program

  • Business
  • Business- Accounting
  • Business- International Business
  • Business- Insurance
  • Business- Marketing
  • Hospitality- Hotel resort and restaurant service management
  • Culinary management

3 years Advanced Diploma

  • Business Administration- International Business
  • Business Administration- Accounting
  • Business Administration- Human Resources
  • Business Administration- Marketing
  • Business Administration- Financial Planning

Student with Biology Background in High School

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Office Administration and Health Service
  • Developmental Service Worker
  • Bio-Technology – Mathematics is required
  • Child and youth care- Advanced Diploma
  • Social Service Worker

Student with PCL nursing Background – Developmental service worker, Early Childhood Education, and Gerontology

Student with PCL Health Assistant Background – Developmental service worker, Gerontology and office administration and Health Services.

Student with Diploma in Civil Engineering – Advanced diploma in Civil Engineering Technology

Student with a diploma in Medicine and Pharmacy

  • Office Administration and Health Service
  • Chemical Laboratory Technician / Technology

The second option for high school graduates is Bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degree is not popular amongst international students but limited students prefer bachelor’s degree. The tuition fee is comparatively high and the academic and English language proficiency test requirement is high. The Academic requirement for Bachelor’s degree is a GPA of 2.8. The general requirements for English Language proficiency tests are as follows:

  • IELTS: 6.5/6
  • PTE: 60/58
  • TOFEL: 84/21

The popular course options for the Bachelor’s degree are as follows:

Students with Management stream

  • Bachelor’s of Commerce (Finance & Accounting)
  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Student with Science Stream

  • Bachelor’s in Science
  • Bachelor’s in Engineering
  • Bachelor’s in Child Development

Students with Arts Stream

  • Bachelor’s in Arts
  • Bachelor’s in Psychology

Documents required to apply for further processing:

  1. Passport
  2. English Language Proficiency Test Score
  3. All the Academic documents including Certificates
  4. CV/ Resume

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