IELTS and PTE Class in Butwal at a highly Discounted Price

How awesome it would have been if both the IELTS and PTE were of top-notch quality in terms of teaching and affordable in your own local area! Here at the ICCC, we strongly believe that ‘quality doesn’t bargain for discount’. Hence, we do not introduce fancy schemes of discounted prices, recharges, and other social media games. We have been straightforward when it comes to sticking by being honest, genuine, and simple. But changes are important and good too. Therefore, for the first time ever, we are offering our IELTS and PTE at a highly discounted price at the ICCC Butwal branch.

IELTS and PTE Class in Butwal

In general, there come so many repercussions along with discounted product prices in business, namely compromise on quality, less effective trainers, poor infrastructures, and many more. But these attributes are something that we want to knock off from what we stand for as a brand.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and PTE (Pearson Test of English) are two of many English Language Proficiency Tests available in Nepal. However, these two are the most popular and accessible. Before you proceed forward to documentation and visa processing, you have to submit many documents and one of them is an English Language Proficiency Test score if you want to fly to a country where English is spoken as the first language.

Join our IELTS and PTE classes at Butwal, where you will be guided by professional instructors who are CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) certified, whose skills and ability are tested and proven through multiple sittings on real tests, who have gone through rigorous trainings, and who belong to a team of enriched knowledge and exposure on both of the English Language Proficiency Tests.

The original price of our IELTS class is NPR 7,000 and is offered at a discounted price of only NPR 4,888. This is specially targeted to the recent +2 exam appearing students. We aim for you to be the beneficiaries of this scheme and make the most out of it. Meanwhile, the other ELPT, the PTE, is offered at NPR 9,000 along with one month of APEUni premium subscription. There are many other subscription packages to the PTE, but we imply APEUni as we have tested all available packages and found APEUni to be the most reliable and closest to simulating the real test scores.

One of the strongest reasons for you to choose IELTS and PTE at ICCC Butwal is our meticulously curated curriculum sequence accompanied by custom tailored lesson planning. ICCC’s Academic Team have always been able to outshine in the pools of ELPTs with flying colours. Major accreditation goes to curriculum sequence and lesson planning.

Hurry up and don’t miss this opportunity! We have other perks to our academic offerings. Check out our other blogs on IELTS and PTE by going to the Blog section or you can directly go to the homepage by clicking here: www.icccedu.com.

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