2023 Intakes in Canada

Take a look at intakes in Canada. As you can see, Canada is an unending hub for students seeking quality education at an affordable price. Canadian universities offer a wide range of souses like tourism, liberal, fine arts, engineering m medicine, business, and many more, so if you are interested in any of these fields, let me help you with that. Even if you are apart from the study opinions, some universities offer numerous intakes in Canada.

If you are new and don’t know anything about a related topic, I say you have come to the right place. In the following article, I have explained very fine details about intakes, which will help you further your research.

Intakes are a period when universities start accepting applications for admission. The number of admissions or intakes varies from university to university every year. Some Canadian universities accept two intakes yearly, while others might provide three intakes each year, giving international students a huge opportunity to apply for the form.

2023 Intakes in Canada

An individual seeking to go to Canada for higher study should know about all the major and minor intakes while applying to Canada. Since the number of intakes may also vary depending on the course you wish to study so; this article is for you to prepare a plan before your trip accordingly.

Major Intakes in Canada 2023

The Canadian university has two intakes yearly, named spring and Fall. As we mentioned earlier, some universities also offer three intakes yearly. This will help international students reapply even if they miss the chance on the first attempt. For example, if you applied for a course in January 2022 but did not get selected, you can use it again in September 2022. Some of you might be worried that if your application is not selected in the first attempt, you will be less prioritized in the second attempt. However, it’s not true; the Canadian university will consider your application more favorably since no university wants to lose a candidate who wants to study in Canada.

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Fall, Winter, and Spring

Fall Intake

The intakes of Fall start from September and last for four months which is till December. It is the primary intake in Canada, and most students seeking to apply in Canada do so in this intake. Since it is a primary, everyone applies for it, so it is quite tough competition to gain a scholarship. However, if you have a strong academic score and a good test score, then there is a chance of getting admission.


Winter Intake

It starts in January and lasts for four months until April. It is a continuation intake for the admission for those students who couldn’t get admission in primary or fall intake. However, the selection criteria and scholarship offers are less stringent than the first. In the context of Nepal, the competition for acceptance and scholarship is relatively low during this intake.

Spring Intake

The third intake, Spring, starts in May and lasts until August. This is the final intake taken in a year and is less preferred by students. Most Nepalese students choose to work or go back home during this time, leaving most campuses almost empty.

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