Why Canada for Nepali international students?

Canada is considered one of the popular destinations for Nepali international students to pursue their future education compared to other countries like the UK, Australia, the USA etc. Also, Canadian universities and governments spend millions of dollars each year to fund international students to attract them to Canada.

When it comes to quality, Canadian university doesn’t lack any bit, so the number of Nepali international students going to Canada for higher education and quality of life has been increasing daily. Undoubtedly, they provide affordable fees and a wide range of scholarships each year, attracting thousands of students from around the world.

In today’s context, lots of Nepali international students fly to Canada to study as well as to earn while studying in Canada. Canada not only provides quality education but also lets their students wrong around 20 hours per week so they can fund themselves and survive in a foreign land. Moreover, in the holidays you get to work full time, which is 40 hours per week, and you can pay the fee by yourself rather than depending upon your family.

Nepali international students

Is Canada best for Nepali international students?

Undoubtedly, Canada is one of the best countries to get quality education and other opportunities. However, before applying for Canada, you should first know why you chose Canada over another developed country. So here I present different reasons why you should go to Canada to pursue further education.

Quality Education Institution

Many Canadian education Institutions are ranked in different high positions. For example, you can find a top-ranked university in Canada that offers you a better education. However, there are very limited and highly competitive levels of postgraduate.

Part-time job opportunity

The second most important thing for Nepali international students is to find a better part-time job to afford their daily expenses since it is not easy to live in a foreign land without money. There are numbers of part-time jobs available in Canada which will help you through your financial problems. For example, you can work 20 hours per week during your academic year, and during holidays you can work 40 hours, double the regular week, and cover all your expenses. You can search for a part-time job on IndeedEluta and LinkedIn sites.


List of high paying jobs in Canada for Nepalese

Better work environment and safe

Being a Nepali international student, it is not easy to survive in a foreign land if the environment is not safe around your working place. So, it is one thing you should not worry about while studying or working in Canada since it provides a very safe environment to study and work late at night.

Nepali international students

Affordable Tuition Fees

Thousands of Nepali international students fly to Canada even though they are financially not well due to the cheap education fee. Tuition fee is comparatively very low for a different program such as social science, Arts, and Education. Some universities only charge 400 CAD per year to study, while others may charge you from CAD 1000 to CAD 10,000 per year.

Working Visa for Post Graduation

The Canadian government provides post-graduation work permits for their international students, valid for around three to four years. This permit will allow you to work for any employer in any location. So you can get any flexible work and gather more experience.

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