Is Pearson Test of English (PTE) acceptable for a study visa in Canada?

As every foreign education aspirant is outrightly aware of the paramount significance of English language proficiency to studying in any English-speaking country where the primary medium of instruction is English. More significantly, having an advanced level of language knowledge ensures exceptional education seekers in several ways such as meeting admission requirements, achieving academic prosperity, readily integrating with peers, professors, colleagues and communities, optimizing employability and career opportunities, building confidence and independence, and expanding networking in profound ways.

PTE for Canada

Moreover, being very mindful of such a language competency to pave one’s way for academic brilliance, especially in Canada, and at its globally recognized educational institutions, one must possess an upper level of language adroitness, and prove that an aspirant is utterly committed to magnifying academic and career prospects with the skills and knowledge gained abroad. Thus, coming up with a decision to pursue further education in Canada is one aspect, however, the more consequential is which language test to choose from as a variety of acceptable English assessment methods are at one’s disposal such as IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, and PTE, and the emphasized is to be on the latter assessment test: Pearson Test of English (PTE), particularly for students who intend to study in Canada owing to the reason that a great number of Nepalese aspirants seem to be tangled, and this article’s key motive is to bring forth comprehensibility about the PTE encompassing variety of aspects.

PTE for Canada

First and foremost, the Pearson Test of English is widely accepted by Canadian educational institutions, however, the exception applies. Moreover, the acceptable PTE score to get approval from the institutions differs from the level of academic credentials such as a Diploma, Bachelor’s, postgraduate or master’s degree, specific programs, and institutions because they all have set own language requirements for admission to be considered. On an exciting note, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) also validates the applicants with the PTE. And remarkably, the Canadian educational establishments and IRCC assess and stipulate the standard PTE score distinctively. Thus, it is significant to understand the requirements before applying for a Letter of Acceptance (LOA), and temporary visa assessment.

PTE for Canada

To be more unequivocal about the deemed eligible PTE prerequisites, many of the Canadian institutions for undergraduate programs recognize the score between overall 58-68 with each band preferably not less than 54, nevertheless, it is advised to obtain higher as it optimizes the chances of getting accepted at the institution that one prefers, and program of study that interests the most. Moreover, for postgraduate certificate programs, the requirement is relatively less than most master’s degree programs, and the ideal score for the former credential is as a matter of choice 61 overall for preponderance skilled-oriented institutions. On the other hand, a master’s degree sets forth higher that differs on several constituents such as the competitiveness of the programs, institution ranking, and so on.

In addition to the Canadian institutions’ stipulation for admission, the more indisputable matter of fact is the IRCC that assesses and delivers the final verdict on the study visa application. The IRCC seems to be closely monitoring and strictly assessing the applicants with the PTE, and it is strongly suggested to pay extra attention to improving and obtaining higher scores in the PTE to validate the motive to pursue education in Canada, and strong command over the English language to successfully wrap up the chosen program and seek promising professional prospects in Canada or elsewhere.

Conclusively, it is always better to plan way advanced of time because making up the mind to pursue an education away from home is unquestionably a daunting experience, and it demands meticulous planning and execution. Among a variety of must-to-do procedures, the fundamental and undoubtedly crucial prerequisite for successful academic, social and professional enriching experiences is to have a command over the language. It opens doors to diverse opportunities and enriches the overall educational journey for the one that hails from a non-English speaking country. To wrap up, every aspirant has the privilege to take the PTE, submit for admission to Canadian institutions and get considered for the study visa applications as well provided that obtained scores are above the standards.

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