Can we study in Canada without IELTS from Nepal?

You might be wondering if you need IELTS to study in Canada. Not all international Students know that they may study in Canada IELTS free. It will confuse you since you heard it for the first time. Canadian Embassy doesn’t allow international students to study in Canada without taking IELTS.

However, there are several alternatives to this problem. First, you can get to your dream University without taking an IELTS exam. First, the individual should research the universities that do not make the IELTS mandatory. The next option would be to complete an online English Language course and then provide the certificate to the university where you want to apply.

Another best alternative so far is to get an English proficiency certificate such as a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL), Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL), Pearson Test of English (PTE), Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees (CanTEST), Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and other English Test. So, keep reading this article to learn about this alternative English test to study in Canada.

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PTE to study in Canada

Around 50 countries accept the PTE English test proficiency, and around 290 PTE test centers worldwide. Matter of fact, about 90% of Canadian universities accept the PTE exam. It contains four major segments: Listening, Writing, Speaking, and Reading. Every university has set its minimum PTE score to accept the applicant. However, the 58-73 PTE score is usually an average score accepted by most Canadian universities.

PTE for Canada

TOEFL to study in Canada

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL) is considered one of the major language proficiency exams students must take to study in Canadian universities. It is one of the widely recognized exam requirements to study in Canada. It also contains four segments: reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills of the test-takers. However, Tier I universities require a minimum of 110 TOEFL scores and above. And some other courses might need a score of 80 to 90 or above.

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GRE to study in Canada

It is one of the other exams to get admission to Canadian Universities. However, it is most popular among students who want to pursue graduate studies abroad. This test exam has been developed to evaluate verbal reasoning, Critical thinking, analytical writing skills, and quantitative reasoning. The major subjects covered in GRE are Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology, and Physics.


Study in Canada from Nepal Requirements

To apply for any courses abroad requires certain criteria the individual must fulfill to get admission to their dream university. So there are few requirements to study in Canada from Nepal.

  • First, the individual must find the colleges and universities in Canada that match their interest and budget, and then they can apply for admission. You can also apply for the scholarship which meets your qualification.
  • If you get accepted by the university or college, start processing for a Canadian student visa by providing all the documents needed.
  • Then college/ University will provide you with an acceptance letter; after this, you need to start applying for a Canadian student visa. Finally, you can visit a consultancy for greater counseling.


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