List of high paying jobs in Canada for Nepalese

As a Nepali Student, it might seems quite hard to survive in Canada with all the financial baggage. So here we have discussed some high paying jobs in Canada for Nepalese. We know that thousand of students reading in Canadian university for thier future education are seeking a part time job which pays them well. Since it is not quite easy to survie in foreign land without a source of income so i am here to guide you through.

Canadian education might be not excessively expensive as compared to other countires like USA, UK, and many more, but it is necessary that you earn so you can survive there. Being Nepalese studying in Canada, you cannot depend fully on family to support your basic needs as its difficult to support children while transferring moeny from home country.

So its necessary to find part-time jobs that serves you well, since university allows you to work 20 hours per week. And which will help you to pay for your housing, food, travel and other expenses. For those who are wondering high paying jobs in Canada keep reading this article.

high paying jobs

Top High Paying Jobs in Canada For Nepalese

Here we are about to go through some part-time jobs that will pay you well and provide flexible working shifts. In part time jobs shifts are often rotated and individual are expeced to not work fll time whic his 30 hours per week in Canada.

Scholarship for Master’s in Canada

The individual can work 40 hours per week during vacation and 20 hours  during academic year. Minimum pay check is CAD $8 to CAD $30 per hour. Some of the best high paying jobs in Canada for Nepalese are,


As a freelancer you are paid on a per-job or per task basis. It can be within any field such as animating, sketching, web development, writing , and somethings else. In an average, freelancer are paid between CAD $16 to CAD $40 per hour. You can work from home and is very flexible as schedule and has a good working balance and is one of the high paying jobs.

high paying jobs


Person who works in a coffee shop or cafe and is also known as Coffee Bar Attendant is a Barista; he/she is in charge of making and serving coffee and other beverages as per order. There are tons of coffee shops in Canada so it is an easy job if you have enough skills of Barista. It is consider a perfect part-time job for student which pays around CAD $14 to CAD $20 per hour.

Food Server, Cafeteria Worker, and Bartender

As a student it is flexible to work in a restaurant, you can work as waiter, cashier, or cleaner. As a Bartender you are expected to pay well along with you can learn to deal with people. As Cafeteria worker you are paid CAD $15.

Librarian Assistant

It is also one of high paying jobs which pays you well. It includes some works such as organizing and safeguarding library’s collection, maintaining stock levels, and placing visitor orders. This job pays around CAD $25 to CAD $35 per hour.

You can work as tution teacher or instructor, or a RideShare driver. You can search for part-time job in different sites such as IndeedEluta and LinkedIn

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