Choosing the Right College/Program will give you a Better Chance of Getting PR

International students often fall in love with Canada after studying there for a few years and want to stay more.

Thankfully, Canada wants international students to stay as well! There are several immigration options available for international students because of this. When choosing a school in Canada, you have so many options. The bustling city of Toronto might appeal to some people, while others may prefer the coastal region.

You might be eligible for Ontario PNP if you finished a postsecondary program in Ontario and have a job offer from an Ontario employer. At the same time, your school’s location is also crucial.

Are you aware that students studying in TORONTO cannot get 10 regionalization PNP points? If you study at CAMBRIAN COLLEGE, you’ll get 10 regional immigration points, whereas if you study at GEORGIAN COLLEGE, you’ll get 8 regional immigration points; at College in HAMILTON, you will get only 3 points, and if you study at a college located in TORONTO, you’ll get ZERO POINTS.

Choose your college wisely. Choosing the right college/program will give you a better chance of getting PR.

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