Apollo Canada Study Fair 2023

With regards to pursuing further education in Canada, the three esteemed educational consultancies; International Career Counseling Center (ICCC), Popular and Goreto offer you a ONE-STOP Solution. The opportunities are limitless, but they also pose challenges. Your ability to determine your academic and professional objectives with precision is a requirement.

The session shall be conjointly organized to clear-out the most sought-after and perplexing decisions in reference to the future academic endeavors at the Canadian educational institutions. The informative event shall take place on February 10, 2023 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Yellow Pagoda Hotel, Kantipath, Kathmandu.

Canada Fair 2023

The event will primarily be addressed by Georgian representatives; Miss. Stephanie Barry, Director, International Education and Development, and Mr. Rohan Rawat, Country Representative South Asia. The duo will comprehensively incorporate a number of diverse concerns in regard to undertaking further studies at Georgian College. In addition, the event will be attended by other well-received Georgian@ILAC representatives; the Regional Recruitment Manager, Mr. Saurabh Patel and International Student Advisor, Miss. Ritika Mehrotra.

Study in Canada 2023Additionally, Academic Advisors from three educational consultancies will also be there to offer you insights on a number of concerns such as programs, intakes, visa issues and Canadian educational institutions by Mr. Ram Khadka, Mr. Amit Shrestha, Mr. Deependra Rasaili, Mr. Dhiraj Kandel, Mr. Satish Bhatta, Hari Dhakal, Dilip Khadka, Pralad Adhikari as well as Mrs. Kriti Khadka, a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) will also cheer the event. Attend the session, and vividly ascertain your academic and professional avenues with Georgian representatives and Canadian education experts. Free Registration 01-5915450, 01-5915451, 01-4528493, 01-4583252, 01-5907559 ( Only 100 Seats Available).

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