ICCC and Popular Consultancy Organized Pre-Departure Session on November 20, 2023

Our team isn’t just a collection of professionals; they are passionate experts who’ve devoted countless hours to turning the aspirations of Nepalese students into tangible success stories, creating pathways for a brighter future in Canada.

International Career Counselling Centre Pvt. Ltd and Popular Consultancy take immense pride in meticulously curating a team that excels in the art of making dreams come true.

In a recent triumph, this powerhouse team organized and flawlessly executed a Pre-Departure Session on November 20, 2023. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as our soon-to-be Canadian scholars gathered, smiles radiating with excitement, absorbing invaluable insights for their upcoming journey.

A sincere thank you extends to the students who placed their trust in us, believed in the process, and embarked on this transformative journey hand in hand with us. As January 2024 approaches, we send the warmest wishes for an enriching and successful adventure in Canada!

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