Top 5 Best IELTS Institutes in Nepal with High Success Rate

Hello, recent +2 exam candidates! How did your exam go? We hope you did your best and will pass the test with flying colours. You might be finally worry-free as you no longer need to wake up early in the morning and go through hectic class schedule. Or, you might be one of those who is worried and caged by the thoughts of results. Actually, there’s no need to worry, as you reap what you sow. Now that your examination is over, you might be thinking about your career prospects. There are plenty of things you can do during this break.

The break before you enter colleges and universities is for you to prepare for the next phase of life. Life is a long journey where only one thing remains consistent: studying. If you’re planning to study in Nepal’s colleges and universities, you can choose from a range of options, including universities and affiliated colleges. Some colleges are even affiliated with international universities, although these tend to be expensive.

In case you’re considering studying abroad, you must be aiming for a country where English is the first language. These countries welcome thousands of Nepali students every year, and they graduate too. However, the journey to these countries and the attainment of your academic goals are not easy. You have to go through a procedure and ensure that you’re thoroughly checked and balanced. Generally, you would need the help of education consultancies for visa processing. But even before documentation, you must first submit an English Language Proficiency Test score. Different English Language Proficiency Tests are available in the market, but the most reliable is IELTS.

Why is IELTS the most reliable ELPT?

  • It is natural: IELTS assesses your English language ability under skill headings, namely Writing, Listening, Reading, and Speaking. Unlike other ELPT tests like PTE, it’s natural. You do not memorise or use uncommon nuances in it. All skills resonate with how you use English in your everyday life once you find yourself in an English-speaking environment.
  • It is easy to understand: Since the test is based on the natural use of the English language, it’s easy to adapt to and make the best out of it. We have witnessed dozens of our previous students achieve marvelous scores of Bands 8 and 8.5.
  • It is widely accepted: Currently, more than 12,000 government bodies, colleges and universities, employment agencies, and organizations accept IELTS globally, making it the most trusted ELPT in the world.
  • It’s bias-free: Many people claim that IELTS is biased compared to PTE. Do those people who claim such statements really know what IELTS is? Can you really trust AI? How error-free can those AI be? Meanwhile, the examiners of IELTS are experts in the English language. They understand the sentiments and emotions of the test takers, which an AI completely lacks. Being precise, the equivalent score of PTE to AI is not progressive. Someone who gets 60 cannot get 6 in IELTS. Period!

Now that you’ve learned about IELTS and its perks, you might also want to know which places offer the best IELTS preparation in Nepal.

I have compiled a list of five education institutes that offer the best IELTS preparation courses with proven results and abundant testimonials. The numbering is random, as all of the institutes are synonymous to ‘IELTS success’.

  1. IELTS and PTE Centre- ICCC, Putalisadak
  2. International Career Counselling & Learning Centre- ICCC, Chabahil
  3. International Career Counselling Centre- Butwal
  4. Way to Can, Pokhara
  5. International Career Counselling Centre- Dhangadhi
Top IELTS Institute in Nepal

IELTS and PTE Centre- ICCC, Putalisadak

The IELTS and PTE Centre- ICCC is located on the 8th Floor of the Putalihub corporate building, westward from the Putalisadak roundabout. The team comprises highly professional tutors who have achieved top scores in both IELTS and PTE. The team is led by the Academic Head, Suroj Moktan Tamang, who is also the IELTS Incharge. In a short time, the institute has produced outstanding results, surpassing Band 8. What sets the team apart is their deep understanding of English language requirements and their dedication to student success. Mr. Tamang, a band 9 achiever in IELTS, is a certified, tested, and proven trainer who has guided over a thousand IELTS aspirants to success. The comprehensive curriculum, along with daily lesson plans over 5 weeks, is more than sufficient for IELTS aspirants like you to achieve your desired scores. Visit www.icccstudycentre.com for updated blogs, success stories, and gallery. The institution is also supervised by MD Er. Ram Khadka, located on the third floor of the same building. Mr. Khadka is a well-known figure in Nepal for studying in Canada.

Top IELTS institute in Putalisadak Kathmandu

International Career Counselling & Learning Centre- ICCC, Chabahil

The main academic centre of the International Career Counselling Centre- ICCC is located in Chabahil, next to Chabahil Plaza. The learning centre is facilitated by Regulated Canadian Immigrant Consultant (RCIC) Mrs. Kriti Khanal, who has made Canada her home for more than a decade and makes the study in Canada journey smooth for all Nepali applicants. However, the study center is organised by Mr. Sanjay Kunwar, a CELTA certified IELTS trainer with decades of experience in guiding both IELTS and PTE. The same curriculum and lesson plans as at IELTS & PTE Centre- ICCC, Putalisadak are followed.

Top IELTS institute in Chabahil Kathmandu

International Career Counselling Centre- ICCC, Butwal

This institute, with all-in-one facility, is located near the Butwal bus-stop and is an academic hub for all IELTS aspirants in Butwal. The team at the Butwal outlet is highly professional and dedicated to delivering success, be it language or visa matters. Mr. Sandip Gyawali is the instructor for both IELTS and PTE, offering comprehensive expertise in both ELPTs.

Top IELTS institute in Butwal

Way to Can, Pokhara

Way to Can, Pokhara, is the only education consultancy in Pokhara dedicated solely to studying in Canada and obtaining PR permits. The testimonials speak for themselves, and another strong attribute of Way to Can, aside from study visa and PR, is the academic offerings they provide. Run under the guidance of Mr. Ravi Timsina, students from Pokhara enjoy moments of bliss with proper IELTS guidance.

Top IELTS institute in Pokhara Nepal

International Career Counselling Centre- ICCC, Dhangadhi

ICCC- Dhangadhi is one of the youngest branches, established due to overwhelming love and support from students in Dhangadhi. Services offered from Kathmandu or nearby outlets were experienced as physically quite far to reach, thus ICCC- Dhangadhi came into existence. IELTS is guided by Mr. Deepak Kapadel, a seasoned English tutor with years of experience. Even in this short time, the academic team has yielded some of the best results in town.

Top IELTS institute in Dhangadi Nepal

So, it’s about choosing the most feasible IELTS institute for you based on the traveling distance. We have listed all the best IELTS institutes in your surroundings. While preparing for IELTS, you must be careful if they consider you a student who will outshine and break records in IELTS results, or if they just want you to move forward to the documentation stage. Unfortunately, most other institutes do the latter. We are a team of many things, but a scammer is not one. We stand by our philosophy of being honest, genuine, and simple!

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