Smooth Transition, Seamless Beginning: Your Arrival, Our Commitment

Embarking on a new educational journey away from home is a fusion of both exciting and overwhelming. The International Career Counseling Centre recognizes the significance of a smooth transition to a completely new land: Canada, and our commitment to go the extra mile to ensure that your arrival is hassle-free and your initial days in Canada are comfortable.

The ICCC has thoroughly set up two crucial assistance programs for our students arriving in Canada to make their transition as seamless as possible.

Airport Pickup and Drop-Off Services

Have you ever imagined stepping into a new country, jet-lagged and unfamiliar with the surroundings? Our dedicated Suman Dai will be delighted to greet you at the airport, ensuring you have received a warm welcome in your new home. Let Suman Dai handle everything, and you will focus on the exhilarating new beginning.

Accommodation Assistance

Spotting a cozy place to stay is crucial for your physical and mental well-being. The ICCC will secure suitable accommodation for the first 2 weeks to make your arrival free from inconvenience in your second home.

Your journey begins the moment you step off the plane. Thus, let the ICCC be your most reliable partner in ensuring a seamless arrival and homely stay.

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Airport Pickup and Drop-Off Services in Canada

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