Pre-Departure Session for Canada by ICCC and Popular Consultancy

There is no less pride in coming this far; however, collaborative dedication, commitment, perseverance, and trust played a decisive role in witnessing this day with delight and a sense of accomplishment.

International Career Counseling Centre (ICCC) and Popular express their earnest indebtedness and felicitations to all the visa-granted students for September 2023 and offer the best wishes on a winding Canadian academic venture that is yet to be attained.

Actualizing your academic dream in a completely new land would not seem plausible at first; nevertheless, your resoluteness to undertake all challenges on your way will take you through the tunnel of darkness to the promising broad daylight where lifelong jubilation of achievement awaits you. In addition, the unwavering support from the ICCC and Popular does not just end here, as we strive to ensure your transition into a Canadian land is fruitful and smooth in regard to study permit extension, SOWP, and PR applications.

Furthermore, may your journey to Canada as a student be filled with enriching experiences, academic success, and personal and professional growth.

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