Checklist: Everything you need to do before going to Canada

The moment you’ve dreamt of, the moment Canada has beckoned you to its grand stage. Congratulations to all the successful study permit applicants on embarking on an odyssey that promises not just education but a lifetime of enriching experiences. But, before you dive into the enchanting world of the Great White North, let’s craft a checklist to transform your journey into an epic tale of seamless transitions and unforgettable moments.

In your quest to set sail, assemble the following essentials:

  • A passport adorned with stamps, plus POE and the latest bank balance certificate.
  • Secure a confirmed air ticket and a QR-coded COVID-19 vaccine certificate.
  • Clutch your offer with its receipt and attain a No Objection Certificate (NOC).
  • Ensure you exchange CAD $4,000 and bring along all your original academic documents.
  • Present experience letters and pack your bags based on the shopping list below.
  • Don’t forget your mobile and laptop, along with prescription medicines.

Confirm the validity of your passport.

In your journey to the Great White North, your passport becomes not just a key to enter but a portal to opportunities. Beyond the initial border crossing, it may serve as your golden ticket to educational dreams, unlocking scholarships and offering a steadfast identity. Yet, in this land of maple-leafed mysteries, your passport’s power must endure for at least six months after your arrival, a guardian of your access. Prepare for the unexpected, for in the face of emergencies, the wisdom of paper copies can be your lifeline.

Nepali Passport

Apply for a study permit or visa

Embarking on a journey to pursue your education in the captivating landscapes of Canada requires obtaining a prized ticket, which comes in the form of a study permit or visa. However, obtaining this crucial document is not your first step; it all begins with securing a highly sought-after letter of acceptance from a Canadian educational institution, especially from a Designated Learning Institution. This letter serves as your initiation into the realm of scholarly exploration and opens the door to a world of academic opportunities in Canada.

Study in Canada From Nepal Through ICCC

Take Flight

Every day, lots of airplanes fly across Canada. Each flight is like a piece of a big puzzle, and you get to choose the first piece of your puzzle. This piece isn’t just about getting from one place to another; it’s like the first chapter in your Canadian adventure. So, when you pick your flight, think of it as more than just a ride. Choose one that lets you settle in comfortably, get used to your new surroundings, and get excited about your upcoming studies. This simple choice can set the tone for your entire Canadian experience.

To make sure you pick the right flight, it’s a good idea to get some help. Find out which airport is closest to your school so you can plan your trip better. Knowing this will save you time and make your move to your new school a lot easier.

Take a Flight to Canada

As you start this exciting journey, think of our air travel guide as your friendly guidebook. It’s not just a bunch of facts; it’s like a map that helps you discover all the great things about flying in Canada. Inside, you’ll find lots of useful tips and ideas to make your trip smooth and enjoyable. So, as you begin your Canadian adventure, remember that your choice of flight is like the first page of a thrilling story. It’s the beginning of your new chapter, filled with learning, exploring, and exciting experiences in Canada’s beautiful landscapes. Choose wisely and let your adventure take flight!

Insurance Insights

Your Canadian health and travel insurance is your shield against the unknown. The type of shield you wield depends on your province or territory of residence. Before your grand entrance, consult with your institution to unlock the secrets of available health insurance options. If your dreams include traversing Canada’s diverse landscapes, consider the safeguard of travel insurance.

Health Records and Shots

Your well-being deserves the spotlight. Request copies of your medical records, especially if you carry the torch of ongoing health conditions. Compile the scrolls of your prescription drugs for the Canadian pharmacy and unearth your immunization records. While Canada lacks national vaccination requirements, your institution might unveil specific guidelines for your quest.

House Hunting

Every grand adventure begins with the need for a place to call home. When embarking on your academic journey, consider the importance of securing a sanctuary that suits your needs. Start by reaching out to your educational institution to inquire about on-campus student accommodations, where your academic pursuits can be nurtured within the walls of your academic castle.

In your quest for the ideal abode, don’t hesitate to seek companions on the virtual highways of social media and institution message boards. These online communities are treasure troves of information and connections, where you can find fellow travelers embarking on similar journeys. Sharing your path with others can not only help you find suitable housing but also create a network of like-minded individuals ready to explore this new chapter together. Remember, every great adventure deserves a base camp, a place to rest, recharge, and reflect on the challenges and triumphs of your academic conquests. So, as you set forth on this epic journey, take the time to find the sanctuary that best suits your aspirations, whether within the institution’s embrace or in the vibrant tapestry of private housing. Along the way, seek out companions who share your spirit of adventure, for together, you can make this journey even more remarkable and fulfilling.

Contact Connections

Safety is paramount in any epic tale. Record a scroll of emergency contacts, bearing the sigils of your name and Canadian address. Engrave the runes of personal contacts in Canada, your trusted allies. Chronicle the parchment with your institution’s contact information, and don’t forget to include the coordinates of your embassy in Canada.

Banking Basics

To navigate the Canadian landscape effectively, it’s wise to take a proactive step and set up a Canadian bank account ahead of your arrival. This strategic move not only shields you from the inconvenience of foreign exchange fees but also provides a key to unlock the mysteries of Canada’s banking system, allowing you to seamlessly manage your finances in your new home. When you venture forth into this exciting journey, having some Canadian currency in your pocket serves as your financial compass. It ensures that you are well-prepared to tackle your initial expenses and comfortably settle into your new environment. Whether it’s for purchasing daily essentials, covering transportation costs, or enjoying local experiences, having local currency readily available can make your transition smoother and more convenient.

Establishing a Canadian bank account offers a host of benefits beyond just avoiding currency exchange hassles. It enables you to receive payments, manage your tuition fees, and access various financial services tailored to your specific needs as an international student or newcomer. It also enhances your financial security, making it easier to keep track of your expenses and savings, and gives you peace of mind as you embark on your Canadian journey. In essence, setting up a Canadian bank account is not merely a financial task; it’s a strategic move that empowers you to fully embrace and master the Canadian experience. It’s a key that unlocks a world of financial convenience and stability, allowing you to focus on the exciting opportunities and adventures that lie ahead. So, consider this proactive step as an essential part of your preparations, ensuring that you are well-equipped to thrive in the Canadian realm.

How to Open a Bank Account: https://rb.gy/slek5

Canadian Banking System: https://rb.gy/8szpy

Institution Insight

Forge a connection with a sage from your college or university through the magic of a virtual appointment. They hold the answers to your queries and the key to unlocking insights into your upcoming campus life. As you approach the shores of Canada, arrange an in-person meeting to solidify your alliance.

Embrace the Maple Leaf

With your checklist conquered, it’s time to unveil the heart of your Canadian adventure. Uncover exciting career opportunities, traverse the untamed outdoors, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of a diverse culture. Canada is your canvas; it’s time to paint your masterpiece. Canada extends a warm and welcoming embrace, offering a vast land filled with boundless opportunities waiting to be seized. As you step onto this exciting journey, open your eyes wide to take in the awe-inspiring beauty and diverse experiences that this country has to offer. More importantly, open your heart to the adventure that lies ahead, for the most remarkable chapters of your life story are yet to unfold on this Canadian canvas.

In this vast and diverse nation, every corner holds a unique tale, and every encounter is a chance to learn, grow, and thrive. Whether you’re pursuing your education, seeking new career horizons, or simply exploring the breathtaking landscapes, Canada is a land of dreams and possibilities.

The key to unlocking the full potential of your Canadian adventure lies in your openness to new experiences, people, and cultures. Embrace the richness of Canada’s cultural mosaic, where every interaction becomes an opportunity to broaden your horizons. Engage with the vibrant communities that call this country home, and you’ll discover the true essence of Canada’s inclusive and multicultural spirit. With every step you take in this great land, remember that the best is yet to come. Canada is not just a destination; it’s a transformative journey. Embrace it with open arms and an open heart, and you’ll find that the most remarkable and fulfilling chapters of your life are waiting to be written here.

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