Canadian Education Fair at Yellow Pagoda Hotel

In the past few years, we have seen an increased number of Nepalese students choosing Canada as their primary study destination. This is a significant change considering 7 years back, Canada wasn’t even the top 5 destinations for Nepalese students to study abroad. Canada as a country offers high-quality education, a good lifestyle, and a friendly society. Though these factors were always driving Nepalese students’ interest to study in Canada, the number of Nepalese studying in Canada was pretty low. So what significant has changed in the past few years that Nepalese students are now going to  Canada more than they ever did?

To know the answer, we communicated with expert counselors from Goreto and I.C.C.C consultancies. Goreto(New Baneshwar) and I.C.C.C(Putalisadak) are two of the leading consultancies in Nepal responsible for fulfilling the dreams of hundreds of Nepalese students aspiring to study in Canada. After the pandemic, Canada changed its policies to increase the number of international students in their country. These changes can be justified by the fact that international students contribute more than $20 billion dollars to the Canadian economy annually. When these policies were introduced the visa rate went on a roller coaster ride. More students now were getting their visas at a time interval almost half of the previous years. The high visa rate and lower processing time were major factors stated by Mr.Dhiraj Kandel(Head at Goreto Consultancy), which made Canada an ideal study destination for students. Mr.Kandel also argued his statement with several statistics. He showed us data that stated that last year only around 2000 Nepalese students got their Canadian study visas and the average visa time of these applicants was around 10-45 days. Now, with this many visa successes there were deemed to be some rejections, last year too there was a significant number of visa rejections but Mr.Kandel assured us that many of these rejections were overturned when the file was reapplied with improved financial and academic documents.

Canadian Education Fair at Yellow Pagoda Hotel

Now, since the visa rates became high after the pandemic, a question may arise in our minds about the minimum requirements a student must fulfill to enter Canada. Canadian education is demanding and a student must prove his academic as well as language proficiency to be able to pursue his education in Canada. “A good academic percentage and a proper IELTS or PTE score maximizes one’s visa chances“, said Mr.Ram Khadka(Head of I.C.C.C consultancy, Putalisadak). But what does a proper IELTS or PTE score mean?. IELTS(International English Language Test System) and PTE(Pearson Test) are two main language proficiency exams accepted by Canadian institutions. IELTS is a test with 9 full marks. Here a student becomes eligible to study in Canada only after scoring a min average of 6 in all bands. Also, students appearing with PTE should score an average of 60 marks with no module score less than 55.  Saying this Mr.Khadka answered one of the most discussed questions by Nepalese students and parents when they talk about studying abroad. If you haven’t guessed it, well it’s regarding finances. Mr.Khadka stated that to study in Canada a student must be prepared with a minimum of 17 lakhs to 25 lakhs capital. These costs cover one-year tuition as well as living and processing expenses.

Addressing the increased interest and queries of Nepalese students regarding Canadian study, Goreto and I.C.C.C consultancy is collaborating to conduct a Canadian education fair on May 2, 2022, at Yellow Pagoda Hotel. Briefing us about this fair, Mr.Prakash Regmi informed us that this fair would contain representatives from a top educational institution in Canada. Here students can discuss with these representatives on various topics ranging from program choices to scholarship options. It will be a fruitful program for students. This program will also contain expert counselors from both Goreto and I.C.C.C consultancies. Student here can discuss their various possibility and begin their processing within the conference. The conference will begin at 11:30 in the morning and students would be able to visit it up to 3:30 in the evening. Therefore, on an ending note, students who are willing to study in Canada but still have several queries or confusion and have still not made up their minds can visit this fair to take a big leap in their career.

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