Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons

International Students face the greatest nightmare due to Visa Rejection. The Students have not only dreamed about getting a quality education in a foreign land but also have planned their whole future before applying. Many students who want to settle in foreign land first doubt if their visa will be accepted.

Therefore I request those applying for foreign universities for easy future education to read this article top to bottom so you don’t have to face it. We know that Canada accepts wide applications every year, but it’s no surprise that out of those, many will have to face rejection. In this article, you will find the most common mistakes students make while applying for foreign education, which is why their visa gets rejected.

Visa Rejection

Top Canada Student Visa Rejection Reason

English Language Proficiency

The primary and most important thing that international students should do is to build up their English language. They need to show the universities proof of proficiency in the language. The individual should meet the minimum score in tests such as TOEFL/ IELTS/ PTE and many more when applying through the SDS or SPP programs. Or else, without proof of English proficiency, your visa won’t be granted.


Acceptance Letter

The individual should get a letter of approval from a Canadian DLI for the study permit application. However, if that specific student’s acceptance letter is called doubt, the Canadian student visa application will be denied. Moreover, the students should fulfill the minimum entrance criteria of the respective school to get the letter of acceptance. Therefore, the individual should look at universities’ minimum criteria before applying to avoid Canada visa rejection.

Visa Rejection

Lack of Documentation

Many students from all over the world who seek to study in Canada face the majority of rejection because of their faulty or insufficient documents. The universities don’t take students without valid proof; to do so, you must provide sufficient good and trustworthy documents. It is crucial to present solid paperwork because the most selection is done through your documentation. So the individual is requested to have strong documentation, so you don’t get a chance for Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons.

Program Choices

It would be fair to say that this is the main reason your visa gets rejected. Your selection is done according to the corresponds to your future career goals or your past educational background. The university will also raise a complaint if they notice you abruptly changing steams or fields of interest. You will need good academic grades and meet their minimum criteria to apply to Canadian Universities.


Rate of Canadian Student Visa Rejection of 2022

According to the CIC – Citizenship and Immigration Canada, around 30% of all student visa applications are refused yearly by the Canadian university or government. Therefore, the individual applying for a bachelor’s degree in Canadian Universities is more likely to face rejection than those applying for a Ph.D. in Canadian Universities. Also, Canadian student Visa Rejection reasons are quite high today due to individuals’ carelessness. Therefore the individual should look at all the possibilities before applying to foreign universities.

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